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TechBrotherz is a professional repair store specializing in immediate

repairs of mobile phones, smartphones, Computers, ipad and tablets.

We repair all major brands of mobile phones, Computers and

tablets : Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Google, BlackBerry etc. and deliver to customers a swift, quality and standardized service.

Our Computer Technician specialist team are ready to assist with all computer needs & Repair. We take care of computers to its fullest repair procedures for the best result. We are happy to assist our customer to answer all their questions about their computer to the best of our ability. We have a welcoming and a friendly atmosphere and will help our customers to meet their needs and satisfaction.

Warranty Policy :


We Offer ( 60 Days ) Warranty on All Repair & This Warranty Covers any defects or Problems found in the part that our technician Replaced or Serviced . The Warranty does not cover defects that occur later ( Past 60 Days )  or defects that were there before. Warranty also Does not Cover any physical damage. 


After Repair, if noticed something not working well, please notify us right away / visit us with your invoice / receipt within 3 Days.


Please keep your invoice / receipt for the warranty / 

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